Saturday, October 22, 2011


We have a funeral this morning for which the family made the unique request of a song about or by St. Thérèse of Lisieux.  A little snooping around online brought me to this lovely song, based on a poem (Mon Chant d'Aujourd'hui) by the Little Flower:

Oh! how I love thee, Jesus; my soul aspires to thee;
And yet for one day only this simple prayer I pray.
Come reign within my heart, smile tenderly on me, 
Today, dear Lord, today!  Today, dear Lord, today!

What care I for tomorrow, whatever it may bring?
Let not your love forsake me and worries have their way,
But let my heart stay pure, enfold me in your wings,
Today, dear Lord, today!  Today, dear Lord, today!

O sweetest Star of Heaven, O Virgin, spotless, blest; 
Shining the light of Jesus, guiding him my way.
O Mother 'neath thy veil, let my tired spirit rest, 
For this brief passing day!  For this brief passing day!

Soon shall I fly away, to praise you my desire;
Then shall be mine the joy that never knows decay,
Then my lips shall sing with Heav'n's angelic choirs,
The'eternal glad today!  The'eternal glad today!

It's far and away the perfect fit as we remember and pray for a dear woman of beautiful faith.  May she rest in peace.

The sheet music for My Song of Today can be found here.

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