Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy, Happy

I spent last evening at my parents' home in Plattsburgh with three of my siblings (to round things out, I saw number four this morning) and my nieces and nephew.  The occasion?  Yesterday was my brother's birthday...and today is mine.  The festivities included lasagna, ice cream cake, and several games of Candy Land.  My nephew is sporting a not-so-festive face because he'd lost the last round on the game board (not because I generally have that effect on him).

His sister, on the other hand, was more than ready to strike a pose for the camera.  And my younger niece (daughter of the other birthday-boy) took the heavy drinker award at the party.  Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug...

Now a big word of thanks to all of you, who just in time for the big day pushed the visitor ticker on this blog over the 1,000 mark!  Ah, shouldn't have!

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Kim said...

Great way to celebrate!