Sunday, October 23, 2011

Retreat! Retreat!

No homily to post for you this Sunday, folks!  I took this Sunday out of the pulpit in preparation for my annual retreat.  I leave after Masses today for the Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, NY, to spend a few days soaking up some sacred silence among the Trappist monks who call that wonderful place home.  I've been going to the Abbey for retreat--generally, every other year--since I made my pre-ordination retreat there back in early August 2000.  (I must say, my retreats with the Trappists aren't quite as silent as they used to that most of the monks know me!)  My days will be occupied with Mass, chanting the Divine Office (they start at 2:30am), long walks, a stack of good books, and many slices of delicious Monks Bread.  So this blog will be going silent, too, in my absence.  Pray for me, and I'll be praying for you.

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Director of Young Adult Ministry said...

May you have a blessed retreat, enjoy.