Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Not Taking Sides

...but this is a pretty funny sign coming out of the Occupy Wall Street protests:

Photo taken in Saranac Lake by Carol Kepes; borrowed from the NCPR website.


MizzLizz said...

I have a few pictures that I took at this same demonstration in Sranac Lake. It was convened to show solidarity with those who are doing the various Occupations across this nation and around the globe. Like Angela Davis said in NYC this past week, she too felt
privileged to be keeping company with those who have become aware
of just how much money the big banks and industries have literally stolen ferom innocent citizens. This sign implies that it is a shame that our U.S. Supreme Court (including 5 Catholics)is willing to say that corporations have the same value and meanings as a person... This is a small part of what all these
stalwart souls are trying to teach American citizens, as we surely seem more than reluctant by most of the world's best thinkers to come out of our dreaded state of denial about the sins of our government done in the name of its citizens. our silence will not savew us from the ultimate responsibilities and results.This
is not a matter of taking sides once one is adequately informed on these subjests; the MSM cannot be relied upon; I suggest that one good source is the NCR (National Catholic Reporter) out of Kansas.
Another is "DEMOCRACY NOW!", an
alternative radio and TV broadcasting station in NYC which is probably one of the few trusted and respected news broadcasters.

MizzLizz said...

This is my very first attempt to respond or to put something on my blog... I'm wondering aloud what the outcome will be - will it "take" and I won't have to endure another 'disappearing act' here?? G'nite. The Lord bless and keep us. Mizz Lizz