Sunday, October 30, 2011


While listening to the great CBC radio show, The Vinyl Café, on my drive to retreat last Sunday afternoon, I heard this GREAT song by the Québecois folk band Mes Aïeux.  (That means, "My Ancestors," by the way.)  I loved the song just for its sound (I guess some of those traditional rhythms are just in my blood), leave alone the few lyrics I was able to grasp while keeping my attention on the thruway.  But reading all the words on this subtitled video...Wow!

I'll be checking these folks out, for sure.

I've realized that the video I've embedded doesn't have the subtitles.  Sorry!  Turns out, the one with the English lyrics can't be embedded...but you can watch it on here on YouTube.

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muffin24 said...

I will second that wow