Sunday, October 9, 2011


There was hearty laughter ringing through the rectory when I played this little ditty one night last week, premiered over on the Korrektiv's blog.  Now, maybe it's just a comment on my sick, snarky sense of humor...but who can really resist a song featuring the Pope, an antelope, and a six-shooter orthodoxy gun?  (You're kinda interested now, aren't you?)  Then there's that lyric which boarders on the truly mystical:
For the thing about God
Is his mercy is odd,
And it's rarely if ever expected...
Just be sure to hang in through the gloomy part for the hope-filled finish.  Enjoy!  (Or at least politely smile and nod...)


muffin24 said...

yes i am curious now. Thats not fair you cant leave us hanging. Oh yes and by the way Happy late birthday.

muffin24 said...

lol i was able to get to listen to the song. that was very strange yet kinda comical