Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Light Is On

A certain someone (now fancying himself a Monsignor, I guess) says, "Going to confession is the purr-fect way to start the Year of Faith and get ready for Christmas!"

I'd have to agree.  I hope we see many folks tonight and on Thursdays to come...
UPDATE (9:30pm)

Fr. Tom made a commitment--oh, about two months ago--to offer Mass tomorrow morning for the Catholic school children in he couldn't be here to help with confessions tonight.  On his way out the door this afternoon he said, "I hope you hear confessions for two hours!"  (He wasn't being snarky--just hopeful for a positive response.)

I didn't get out of the confessional until 8:55pm.  Hope you're happy, Fr. Tom!  (I sure am!)

But it'll soon be time for the lights to go out...

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