Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Round

Yesterday's post on Beer With Jesus brought in the following response entitled, "Good ole boys, beer drinkers and Jesus":
When the video opened with the shot of the bar and cowboy boots, I had an immediate negative reaction. I have abstained from alcohol all my life and I don’t generally socialize with drinkers, certainly not in bars. This is a good ole boy with a southern drawl, baseball hat, shotgun in the back of his beat-up pickup (with a Confederate flag in the back window), and poor grammar. Doesn’t go to church; smokes, doesn’t pray; doesn’t spend time out in nature communing with God. Voted for Romney or (worse) didn’t bother to vote at all. Doesn’t care about the environment. Not my kind of person. 
But I kept listening. It seems this guy is asking Jesus the same questions I do: What’s on the other side? How did you turn the other cheek to save a sorry sinner like me? Do you hear my prayers? Then, I started to think that this kid is the modern American equivalent of those sinners and tax collectors that Jesus ate and drank with.

I guess maybe this is guy is just like me, after all. By the time the song was finished, I was in tears. 
Thanks for sharing it.

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