Monday, December 5, 2011


Buried somewhere in the small print of my assignment as pastor here in Malone is that it included becoming a Boy Scout.  I never was involved with scouting while growing up (farm chores didn't leave much time for that sort of thing), but I now find myself as the Executive Officer of Boy Scout Troop 61, sponsored by the Malone Catholic Parishes.  Last Monday I went to the Cub Scouts Pack meeting, and last night it was a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts.  To help this officer look more official, a while back they gave me my own shirt.  The trick was, I had to sew my own patches.  I didn't get them all on before yesterday's ceremonies (it took more than a few tries to get some of those patches on straight), but I wore the shirt anyway...and then stayed up late to finally the finish the job.  Trouble is, when some of the other adults who work with the troop saw me in my new scout duds, the said they'd be getting me some more patches to fill in the blanks...

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