Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last evening, another priest and I headed up to Montréal to enjoy a performance by the Montréal Symphony Orchestra.  A last minute, generous offer of two tickets from a parishioner had us enjoying a performance of Gustav Holst's, The Planets.  (I'm a rather big fan of both Mars and Jupiter.  But do note that these YouTube recordings are nowhere near as good as what we got to hear yesterday.)

We both knew that if we had tried to plan this ahead, it probably would never have worked out...but on 24-hours notice, everything just seemed to fall into place.  The orchestra recently completed construction on a new hall, which is both visually and acoustically stunning.  A perfectly delightful evening...except for a slight unplanned detour on our way out of the city.  (We always seem to get just a little lost on our way home!)  Now, it's back to earth...

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muffin24 said...

a little spoiled there arent we. This is amazing you are right in person is way better than youtube. I like Saturn its really peaceful, Jupiter is amazing.