Monday, September 5, 2011

Counting On You

This Labor Day marks two whole months since I embarked on this little blogging adventure.  As I commemorate this milestone, I guess there are two things I'd like to ask of you good folks who so kindly keep stopping by to check things out:

1.  Send along your feedback.  Sure, I'm having some fun just putting things together...but if a blog isn't also providing something for its readers, then it's little more than a diary purposely left open for the curiosity of passersby.  I've gotten very few comments so far...but then again, maybe only shy people are reading and you're afraid to speak up.  (There's not much real chance of that, since I know who some of your are.)

2.  Spread the word around.  From the stats which Blogger provides me, I've apparently got a small but steady stream of regulars visiting here.  (In fact, somebody from Germany keeps dropping by...and I can't help but wonder who that might be.)  But I'd love to increase the traffic in these parts, and I don't have much of a budget for advertising.  If you like what you're seeing, please consider sharing my link with a friend, or two, or three...

Thanks for your help!  And enjoy the holiday!

--Fr. Joe

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Alana said...

Hi Fr. Joe,

So the Malone faithful who live on the other side of the border are reading now. Some great posts! We are big fans of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati!


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