Saturday, September 3, 2011

Also Online

Just want to share a couple of Internet finds from the last few days...

First is Bad Catholic, a just now 1-year-old blog (Happy Birthday!) by an 18-year-old young man from Virginia who likes to wash dishes, just got back from World Youth Day, and is a VERY gifted communicator of the Catholic faith.

Besides--how could I resist a banner like that?

In a recent post cleverly called, Y'All Suck At Sinning, he wrote:
Think on this. 200 years ago, if a young man and woman were filled with passionate love-lust for each other, and said 'to hell with morality, we're making love', they were doing what they knew they shouldn't. They were tasting the forbidden fruit. And, in all likelihood, they were very happy doing it. I hold that the modern world has no idea what it's like to taste forbidden fruit - not for any lack of eating it - but because it is fed to them from kindergarten.
That's pretty sharp, I tells ya.

And then I came across this little video clip called, We Are Catholic.  (I tried to embed it here, but I'm still getting the hang of this new-fangled blogging stuff and I couldn't get it to let me.)  A fresh and positive presentation of--well--who we are.


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