Friday, July 24, 2015

Across the Pond

Even though we're both now assigned to the same parish, Fr. Scott and I (with help from Fr. Stitt) were able to get away for an overnight in the woods Wednesday-Thursday.  We'd originally been planning a more intense excursion (with a few High Peaks involved), but pastoral responsibilities and my lingering cold forced us to be prudent and scale things back a bit.  So we headed off to Taylor Pond (where I'd camped back at the end of March).  We rented a canoe there at the DEC primitive campground and set out across the 4-mile pond...

...along the flank of Catamount Mountain to a beautiful lean to at it's far western end.

Besides it's great views of the water...

...we also enjoyed watching (and listening to) the wildlife: bunches of laughing loons, a fawn sipping at the shore, a graceful great blue heron, a swooping osprey and a soaring eagle, along with a beaver (or maybe a muskrat) gliding across the bay.  (We won't put the abundant mosquitos and other buzzing bugs on that list).

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