Saturday, August 30, 2014


While I did get an unexpected chance to camp out a week ago, I'm counting another outing Wednesday-Thursday as my "official" August night in the woods.  Fr. Scott Belina and I parked at the Adirondack Lodge and began our 6+ mile trek into the wild.  We passed by what's left of Marcy Dam (where this very same duo started this year-long series of adventures back in January)...

...then around the steep edges of Avalanche Pass... the far end of Lake Colden...

...where we camped very near the Opalescent River.

We spent the night in a tent, since we got into the backcountry a bit later than we'd hoped and the lean-tos were already filled up.  (I didn't even think to take a photo of our campsite until we got out tent completely packed up.  Sorry!)  The weather cooperated, and so did the bears (which are, it seems, a bit active in that neck of the Adirondacks).  It was a peaceful time passed in good company in a truly spectacular corner of the world.

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