Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So...who is he?

It seems he grew up in Buenos Aires, the son of a blue collar, immigrant family.
It seems he was a chemist before his ordination as a Jesuit priest.
It seems he lived in a simple apartment with a single bed rather than the usual Archbishop's palace.
It seems he gave up a limo with driver and took the bus or subway instead.  (He also flew coach.)
It seems he prepared his own meals.
It seems he preferred the back rows when at meetings of Bishops in Rome.
It seems his episcopal motto was, Miserando atque eligendo: "Lowly, and yet chosen."
It seems he did not order a new red cassock when he was made a Cardinal,
        but had the robes of his predecessor altered to fit him.
It seems he once said that Gospel simplicity and Gospel certainty
        are the Church's most convincing message for our times.

It seems that FRANCIS is indeed the right name by which we now call him.

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