Monday, January 9, 2012

He Doth Protest

I received this email from a parishioner yesterday:
Hope this finds you well. I wanted to share with you a dinner conversation we had tonight. My parents were over and they told us a cute story about my nephew. He was one of your "protesters" at Christmas Eve Mass. (The tall blonde holding the sign to stop fleecing our shepards). Sorry we missed it, we went to Mass Sunday morning. He was very interested and influenced by what you had to say in your homily. Afterwards, he asked my brother and sister-in-law a lot of questions about protests and why people participate in them. Over his vacation, he decided that he needed to start a protest at his school. Apparently, the lunch room monitor doesn't let the children talk while they are having lunch and he didn't think this was fair. He discussed it with a few of his friends and they agreed. So, he started a petition and got four pages of signatures. (He had wanted to picket outside of school, but his parents advised against it.) He took the petition to his principal and she agreed with him. They are now able to have conversations during lunch. (This is basically how the story goes--hopefully my parents have all the details correct.) Anyway, life's lessons learned by a nine-year-old.
What a hoot!  Maybe it's easier to start a revolution than I thought...

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