Sunday, January 1, 2012

Feeling Elfish

So...last night--thanks to the generosity of my brother and sister-in-law and the persistence of Fr. Stitt--I finally watched the Christmas movie "classic" Elf.  (Now you know how I spent my New Years Eve.)  And, yes, I very much enjoyed it!

But I didn't ever suspect it would have this sort of effect on me...leave alone on the Bishop.  I didn't know he could move like that!  (He, he, he...  Thanks, Eileen!)

Again: Happy New Year!

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MizzLizz said...

This is only nearly TOO MUCH - for you to be able to poke some good fun at yourself and your boss is simply 'divine' humor - and, honestly, after three times watching the office-Max flick, I am still roaring laughing; long time since I enjoyed such a good
laughing session!
And if this job should prove too much one day, you might be able to get work as a 'double' for Stephen Colbert! Sure you're not related?
May the NEW Year be as rewarding as it can be for all... Cheers, ehs