Saturday, November 7, 2015

Not So Loony

The great weather this past week got me out to enjoy a last little bit of fall before it soon enough becomes winter.

Thursday morning I headed out to hike up Loon Lake Mountain (3328 ft).  The trail (2.85 miles long) was only reopened in the last few years, and leads to an old fire tower and some great views--including of Whiteface and the high peaks beyond.  You earn them, however: of the 1651 feet of elevation gained during the climb, almost 1200 of them come in the steep, rocky, and somewhat wet final mile.

On my way back home along old Route 99, I stopped to finally make the short jaunt in to get a look at Debar Pond (lying between Debar and Baldface Mountains) and the gradually decaying Debar Lodge on its shore.

Like the old lodge, autumn's glories are fading...but can still be seen.

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