Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Island Life

I'm just getting around now to posting some photos from my overnight last Wednesday-Thursday--making it now a full 18 months straight that I've spent at least one night camping out.  Wanting to mix things up a bit (and feeling it was safer with two escaped murders on the loose), I decided this was the night to try out camping on an island.  Since I already had an afternoon meeting at Camp Guggenheim, that seemed like the perfect place to launch out on this adventure.  Campsites on the islands in Lower Saranac Lake are managed as a rather unique campground by the DEC, and when I went to see what was available, I was lucky enough to get an island all to myself: Site 13, which is the only site on Green Island, about 1.3 miles across the water from the beach at Guggenheim.

I arrived in the evening, and set up my tent in the midst of the really cool, large rocks that surround the campsite.

And I got my tent up just in time before it started to sprinkle.  And just after I shut out the lights at 10:00pm...it started to pour.  A great test for my tent, and it passed with flying colors.

I was up early the next morning, in time to take in a spectacular sunrise.

There was plenty of time--and peace and quiet--for praying, making breakfast, sipping coffee, reading a good book, hanging the tent out to dry, and thoroughly exploring my tiny kingdom...before packing everything back into my kayak for the trip back to the mainland at midday.

I highly recommend island living!

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