Thursday, May 1, 2014

Twice Wet

Two Thursdays, two adventures...both of them a little soggy.

Today, I needed to take a walk, so I hiked a 7+ mile roundtrip to the "Sheep Meadow" (where there aren't any sheep, and there's hardly any meadow), near to where I camped back in February.  These photos will make it look like a fairly decent spring day...but it actually rained 2/3 of the way in, and the trail was rather wet in a few spots.  No worries: it was still great to be out, and there aren't any bugs yet!  The two lean-tos were in great shape (and a much appreciated dry spot for my late lunch), and the other building is a horse shed (it's an equestrian trail, for those so inclined).

Now, last Thursday was all about getting wet.  Fr. Stitt and I went whitewater rafting through the Hudson River Gorge with ARO.  It was a blast!  The water was significant higher than when I'd rafted the same stretch of river a few years ago...but significantly lower than just a week before when there was a massive rush of snowmelt, as our guide vividly described for us.  We had a blast!

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