Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Back!

Sorry to be so long in posting something here.  We got off the trail last Thursday evening (9/26), and back in Malone the next day (9/27)...but since then I've been cleaning up, catching up, and otherwise recuperating.  The blisters are healing well, my knees are fully functional, the swelling is down in my left ankle, and I can (mostly) feel the bottoms of my feet again.

And every ache and pain is well worth it!

I'm still mentally and spiritually processing our 10-day "walk in the park" (and think I will be for some time), so while the words may yet escape me, below is a brief slideshow of our trek along the Northville-Placid Trail.  The photos are a mix of my own and those taken by my hiking buddy, Lawrence.  They only just scratch the surface of all that we saw and experienced.  To get the full effect, be sure to click on Full Screen (bottom right corner), then hit Play, then click on Settings (the little cog in the lower right) and select 720p (HD).

I hope you enjoy this little taste of the NPT!


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Angela Bashaw said...

These are beautiful, Fr. Joe. All I kept thinking while I was watching was how peaceful it all must have been. Hope you are recovering well and glad you are back.