Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oink, Oink

One of our younger parishioners came up to me in his father's arms at Christmas Mass, quite concerned about something missing from the Nativity scene.  The issue: there was no pig.  In his world, the Bethlehem stable is a barn (it has sheep and a cow and a donkey, after all), and farmyards are simply supposed to include pigs.

I wasn't able to honor his request in church.  (I'm quite sure that, since Mary would have certainly kept a kosher kitchen, she tried her best to keep a kosher manger, too.)  But his Mom and Dad took care of things at home:

I just love how the wise man in green seems to be turning tail on catching sight of the newly-arrived big, pink visitor.

Many thanks to my buddy Parker for all the smiles!

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