Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On This Rock

I was going to title this post A Sinking Feeling or The Big Dig...but plans changed as did the nature of the situation.

One of the things which has kept me from posting lately has been--drumroll, please--a sinkhole that developed out in the middle of the church parking lot.  It started with a hole in the asphalt about the size of a dinner plate (sorry, no pictures of that stage), but when we tore it open, it looked more like this:

You see, before the church owned this property (acquired back in 1966) it belonged to the railroad.  And when the trains stopped running, the old rail bed was filled in.  Seems that this was a spot of bad fill which finally gave way.  Along with the haphazard chunks of concrete, broken bricks, and rotting trees emerged this:

One of the "test" questions I remember from studying philosophy was, "Can God create a stone so large that even he can't move it?"  I was afraid we'd actually found that rock!  We can't quite be sure how it got there (the last ice age?)...but we were also unsure about how to get it out.  After many frustrating failed attempts, they finally managed to do so this morning...

...backing the low flatbed underneath it when they finally got it high enough off the ground.  I guess the thing weighed in at 7 tons.

Around here, you just never know what each new day might bring!

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