Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Joseph

Today, of course, is the solemnity of my holy and glorious patron...who also just happens to be the Guardian of the Virgin Mary, Foster-Father of the Son of God, and Protector of the Church.

How could I not celebrate?

In a brief break from the rigors of Lent, last night found me preparing a fitting feast for a few folks, complete with a little altar to Good Saint Joseph.

We ate pretty well--the menu reflecting some of my Italian biases--and were not stingy with the portions, either.  (It's pretty safe to assume Joseph was a good provider.)

Now, the rest of the meal was really just a vehicle for dessert: the bignè di San Giuseppe (essentially deep fried cream puffs).  Very dear to my heart (even if very bad for it), they're a culinary souvenir of my Roman sojourn, and it's probably a good idea they're made but once a year!

True confession: I got so excited about cooking and eating them that I forgot to take any pictures...until I was about to down the very last bite!

I'm heading out momentarily to honor St. Joseph yet again, as is only right and just.  This evening I've been invited to be guest celebrant and preacher at a Mass (followed by a meal) in nearby Bombay, St. Joseph's Church...where else?!?

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