Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barbarians on Main St.

Today Malone revived a long dormant local tradition: it's annual Winter Carnival Parade.   Folks from Old Forge know that this would be a hard thing for me to resist, since I love a parade!  Of all groups to march with, I got drafted by a group of marauding Vikings (long, long story--don't ask).  Of course, I already owned the appropriate headgear (doesn't everyone have such a helmet?) and a long black cape, but what in the world could I carry as a weapon?  So I grabbed the scariest thing I could find around here, the sight of which strikes deep fear in every good Catholic's heart...

Here are a few of us on Main Street, near the end of our raiding and pillaging--which included (gentle) attacks on the Franklin County Dairy Princess and Liberty Tax Service:

As you can clearly see, this group desperately needed a chaplain.  (There was also both a doctor and a lawyer in the group, so we had all our bases covered.)

Funny thing is, those carrying axes and swords kept trying to "shake down" the people watching the parade from the sidewalks ("Arrrr!  What's in your wallet?")...but I was the only one who actually got any money: $2.00!  (It's going in the poor box, by the way.)

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Kim said...

This is TERRIFIC! And the beard is an extra nice touch. Perhaps Dan can find you some Afghan head gear... hmmm.... Enjoy!